Now that the Republican Presidential nominee has been determined, Mitt Romney has probably assigned staff to draw up a short list of potential Vice Presidential nominees. At least, I’d hope so. So, before the search gets too far along, let me suggest Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana Governor, as the best option available. Let’s go through the reasons why.

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First, Jindal has executive experience as Governor; he has just begun his second term. As well, he was a state Cabinet Secretary of Health and Hospitals which has provided him with essential knowledge of problems with the health system.

Second, as Louisiana Governor, he could well mitigate a weakness in Romney’s candidacy. Mitt has been unable in both South Carolina and Northern Florida to engage the enthusiasm of Republicans from this region. It’s hard to be definitive about Mitt’s lack of appeal. Is it his religion, or his policy positions, or that he is the Wall Street candidate, or just his own lack of charm? Whatever the reason, Jindal could well shore up support in this region, permitting Mitt to campaign in the Midwest and the Mountain States.

Third, Jindal is politically ambitious. He is in his second term as Governor, and there will not be a Senate opening here for decades, probably. Both Vitter and Landrieu are relatively young; neither will ever be defeated. So Jindal needs another job. He would love being picked, and would work tirelessly to assist the campaign.

Fourth, Jindal has no interpersonal skills. This is well known to us here, and for those who remember his response to the 2009 State of the Union speech, it was obvious to the nation. This would be a major drawback if he sought the presidency, but it is pretty common for Vice Presidents to not have people skills. Look at this list, since WW II: Nixon, Johnson, Agnew, Gore, Cheney; hardly a murderer’s row of beloved figures.

Fifth, he has experience in being engaged in a dirty campaign. When he first ran against Blanco in 2003, her entire campaign (allegedly) in the northern half of the state consisted of heavily shading his photo and asking voters could he be trusted. He barely lost the election, was given a Congressional position, and then after the Katrina/Rita fiasco, handily won the rematch.

Sixth, he is incredibly loyal, as loyal as a German shepherd. He will do any task assigned, and will never go off the reservation. There is no chance that Bobby will go rogue. He will obviously never outshine Mitt on the campaign trail.

Seventh, he understands the politics of this region. He has vetoed every tax increase, even those minor ones like a few cents on a pack of cigarettes. He has increased services to the middle class, just recently offering tuition rebates to anyone who chooses to send their kids to private schools. He has decimated higher education and health services, but people in this region tend to not care much about either of those anyway. As with the other states in this part of the country, the state budgets are heavily dependent on receiving aid from the federal government. So, we all have our fingers crossed right now hoping for either a hurricane or some other fortuitous event like the BP oil spill.

Well, there is the case for Jindal. Now it’s just up to Mitt.