Often tear-jerking stories appear either in dime-store novels or on Life Time and we all enjoy them and move on with life. Sometimes, we may even know somebody who knows somebody that has a similar story.

Well, my story started 48 years ago in a hospital room in Cincinnati, by a decision made by my birth mother to give me a better life.

I have not been visiting with you folks for the last several days, because on Thursday, November 1, my life was shocked into my own Life Time movie, when a friend put a call through to a woman in Kentucky that shared the same name as the woman listed on my newly-acquired original birth certificate.

I just got back from visting with my mother and most of my 11 new siblings, nieces, nephews and even some great nieces and nephews! I am part of a huge family who had been trying for years to find their missing sister.

I will not go into details here at this time, but suffice it to say that people don’t give up their children easily and I came along at a time when she couldn’t care for a newborn and my 5 older brothers at the same time. She managed to raise the entire family, plus some more kids that came along after my birth and the very close-knit family gets together in some form or fashion every day. My oldest brother was tragically killed in a car accident over 20 years ago, just when he started to make progress in finding out where I was. The family had to wait until last Thursday to find out.

I now have a sister (actually, two sisters!) for the first time. I am home now, but things will never be back to “normal.” My adoptive father is thrilled, my kids are ecstatic over their many new cousins and grandma and my husband, I think, is still in shock over all his new in-laws. We will all travel back to see them around the holidays.

Oh yes – one more thing, she lives just down the street and in the same town as my adopted grandmother, two aunts and where my parents used to live. They used to go to the same ice cream parlor and shop at the same stores. I spent much of my youth less than 1/2 mile from where the family lives now. I am sure we crossed paths and didn’t know it.

For those of you at any stage of the adoption process, whether directly involved or in support of someone that is either adopted or adoping a child, we have a special place in this world and many times, there are just perfect endings beginnings to the “rest of the story.”