Barack Obama threw another of his ′tarmac tantrums′ yesterday as he read the riot act to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. It seems that Obama was not pleased with a passage in Brewer′s recently published book where she related how he berated her at the White House over the Arizona immigration law. You know, the one the state passed since Obama was failing to do his job and protect the nation′s borders! This is not the first time Obama has gone spastic on a tarmac to a sitting governor. In 2010, Obama chewed out Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on a tarmac for criticism over Obama′s handling of the BP oil spill.

jan brewer barack obama

Obama has gone to Arizona to speak on jobs and how wonderful the economy is thanks to him and his policies. So you have to admit that the man-child-president acted rather foolishly displaying his arrogance and thin skin in public. And people wonder why I refer to him as merely Obama and not ″President Obama.″ He deserves no respect whatsoever. He has abused his office, if he ever really took the legal oath of office in the first place. His policies are decidedly anti-American, trashing the nation at every opportunity.

Whether he is busy bowing before Muslims or selling out America to China or Brazil, Obama never passes up a chance to apologize for the United States being bad. In his puny mind, Obama believes that America has not been a inspiration for the cause of individual liberty. Not that Obama cares at all about individual liberty. He thinks the government should tell you what to do about everything. Even what lightbulb to use.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer did not deserve to be subjected to a tarmac temper tantrum by Barack Hussein Obama. Unlike Obama, Brewer actually cares about the lives of her citizens who she represents. If Obama cared one bit, then he would not be selling guns to Mexican drug lords so they can murder or kidnap residents of the State of Arizona. Or allowing the border to be wide open for illegal immigration and drug trafficking and unsafe for our children. As far as Obama cares, Governor Brewer and the children of Arizona can all go to blazes.