Obama really does think we are stupid, or maybe it’s that his reputation for “soaring rhetoric” is a myth. According to a Smart Politics study, every one of Obama’s State of the Union speeches have been written at an 8th grade level. Worse, using the Flesch-Kincaid test designed to measure the readability of written text, Obama owns three of the six lowest-scoring addresses since Franklin Roosevelt’s era.

Smart Politics notes that Obama said, “My message is simple,” and goes on to ask, “But was it too simplistic?”

A Smart Politics study of the 70 orally delivered State of the Union Addresses since 1934 finds the text of Obama’s 2012 speech to have tallied the third lowest score on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, at an 8.4 grade level.

Smart Politics also determined that SOTU speeches are increasingly turning political instead of revealing the state of our union.

Obama’s speeches are a continuation of a general pattern that finds as State of the Union Addresses have perhaps become more and more political, they have been written more and more simplistically.

One thing is sure, Obama’s newest laundry ist of give aways and goodies was obviously a campaign speech and not any state pof this union.

Interestingly, Obama — purportedly the smartest man in human history if you ask liberals — ranks even lower than George W. Bush on the list of smart SOTU speeches.

One thing is sure, this year’s SOTU speech was filled with contradictions. On one hand Obama claimed he wanted to get rid of regulations — something he’s said over and over — yet in truth he’s done nothing but grow his regulatory powers since he first stepped into the White House. His teenaged-level rhetoric does not match his actions. In office he’s done nothing but grow the amount and reach of regulations.

He also called for the end of corporate welfare for oil companies. With that I heartily agree. Yet, on the other hand, he calls for even more subsidies and corporate welfare for the industries he favors!

Regardless, this study shows that President Obama is either talking down to us or he simply isn’t the smartest man in the room as his zealous supporters like to claim.