It’s hard to remember that not that long ago, Rick Santorum’s Presidential bid was riding high. He had found out that in a recount of the Iowa Caucus ballots, he had won instead of placing second as initial reports had claimed. He had also been endorsed by an association of evangelical preachers, a difficult task for a devout Catholic. Then came this weekend…

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

On Saturday, he finished a very weak third in the South Carolina Primary, barely beating Ron Paul and getting pummeled by the candidate seeking the same votes as he, Newt Gingrich. In spite of his denials, the defeat makes it difficult to do anything more in Florida but show up for the debates and hope that his campaign can be revived.

Then today, Joe Paterno passed away. Paterno had been looked up to by Santorum, a Penn State alum, but the main problem for Santorum with Paterno’s passing is that it brings the whole Jerry Sandusky saga into public prominence once more. Back in 2002, while in the Senate, Santorum nominated him for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption” Award for his work with his youth group, The Second Mile. As we now know, in that same year, the Penn State graduate assistant had discovered (allegedly) Sandusky in the shower with a young boy engaging in lecherous behavior. This was the event that eventually last year led to the firing of Paterno and the President of the University, among others.

Also today, a strange story was published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Santorum’s wife, Karen. While in her twenties and single, she engaged in a live-in relationship for a number of years with a well-known Pittsburgh abortionist. During this period, she was first a nursing student and then a nurse. While attending law school, she broke up with the doctor in 1988, who was 40 years older than her since she wanted children and he refused. While in law school, she met Santorum. They were wed in 1990, and soon began having children.

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this latter story. If Santorum knew of it, which I assume he did, why would he expose his wife to this scrutiny for something that she did 20 years ago? As we know, Mitch Daniels chose not to compete to save his wife from similar examination.

Here is a video of Karen Santorum being interviewed on Fox and Friends during his losing re-election Pennsylvania Senate campaign: