What does Barack Obama do after robbing some 20,000 Americans of good paying jobs building the Keystone XL pipeline? Go to Disney World! What else? They have plenty of great golf courses there. Obama will fit right in teeing off with Mickey Mouse and Goofy. I′m sure that sort of leadership will play well in Tehran. I′ll bet those Iranian mullahs are shaking in their turbans over how cold-blooded and ruthless Obama is. Condemning 20,000 Americans to abject poverty while he shoots 18 holes in the Florida sunshine. The Iranians are probably thinking that they better not mess with Obama or he′ll kill them all.

Yeah, if that were only the truth. Instead the world is laughing at us once more. What else can we expect from our fearless leader? The guy needs a whole year to make a decision that any normal person can do in about ten blinks of an eye. Yet, Obama still has plenty of defenders, including the entire Muddy Stream Media. Newsweek is the latest offender of reason with their cover story this week, ″Why Are Obama′s Critics So Dumb?″ Writer Andrew Sullivan, who claims to be a ′Conservative′, tries to argue that Obama has accomplished much and should easily win reelection.

As nutty as that sounds, it is playing well on the MSM networks and blogs. MesSNBC leads the way with cheering Obama. Just as their evening hostess, Rachel ′Mad Cow′ Maddow is still cheering the wonders of Social Security. How it has saved seniors citizens during the Obama Depression, which she blames on George W. Bush of course, and says in her promo commercial that Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme. While it is true when Maddow says that seniors, as a group, are the most affluent members of our society, I kind of doubt if the average income of $1,400 per month most get from Social Security is responsible. That sum is barely enough to keep people alive in some states. In places like New York or Los Angeles, it would not even cover a month′s rent!

Perception is reality and nothing spells arrogance more than when Barack Obama goes to Disney World after killing some 20,000 jobs. Whether Obama winds up finding time for a round of golf is irrelevant. Mickey Mouse and Goofy may as well trade places with Obama and Joe Biden. I doubt if many people at the White House or in Washington DC would notice the difference.