Saturday, January 21 marks the 2012 South Carolina primary. RightPundits will cover the exit polls and South Carolina primary results with a live blog. We will be offering up to the minute election results throughout the evening until the polls close Saturday night. If there is any decent live streaming video in regards to the SC primary, we will offer links to that, as well as to websites reporting polls results as they become available. The Palmetto State primary is a crucial one in the 2012 GOP presidential race, since every Republican presidential nominee since 1980 has won in South Carolina.

south carolina exit polls
UPDATE! Newt Gingrich Wins! Visit this page for details.

The latest polling data from South Carolina now shows Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich neck-and-neck. But the margin for error, coupled by data showing nearly one-third of voters in the closed, GOP primary are still undecided could make this a real horse race with a photo finish! The fluid nature of Republican front runners this election cycle could indicate a long, drawn-out fight to the national convention this summer in Tampa, Florida. Especially since all of the primaries and caucuses held before April will assign delegates won by proportion instead of the usual winner-take-all formula.

South Carolina is a fairly Conservative state with a strong military representation. The more populated coastal region tends to be more moderate while the northern and western regions have more social Conservative, ′Value Voters′ living in them. The late endorsement by national Evangelical leaders for Rick Santorum might give him an edge over the other ′Non-Romney′ candidates. But do not rule out Newt Gingrich who hails from neighboring Georgia as a ′Son of the South′ favorite. Even Ron Paul may have a major influence on the election results.

So please join RightPundits this Saturday evening as we cover the 2012 South Carolina primary results and exit polls as they become available during our live blog. Simply click on the box below for CoverItLive. Share your comments and opinions with our election team of writers and editors as we watched the South Carolina election results roll in. We will also share links to any live streaming video and other worthy websites throughout the night. RightPundits is the place to be to get all of your political news!