According to KCCI-TV in Des Moines, Iowa, results from one small town may have been miscounted, costing Rick Santorum a victory in Tuesday’s caucus. We are all aware that Mitt Romney was credited with an 8 vote victory after all of the results were tabulated. However, a glitch in reporting the results from the small town of Moulton may have affected the final reported results.

A man named Edward True of Moulton is claiming that he helped count the votes from that town’s caucus. After he placed the results on his Facebook page, he checked to make sure that the state Republican Party got the results from Moulton right. He was surprised to discover that the state had credited Romney with 22 votes out of the 53 people who voted instead of the 2 votes that Romney actually received. If true, Santorum was actually the victor on Tuesday by 12 votes.

A spokesperson for the Iowa Republican Party who was interviewed by the station stated that True was not a precinct captain or a county chairperson and is therefore not permitted to discuss votes received with the media. The spokeswoman also said that the Republican Party would not be providing any further statements until the votes have been certified.

True is a Ron Paul supporter. He said that he hopes that it was a simple mistake, and that someone could have just hit the 2 key twice, rather than once.