After two weeks of non-stop attack ads against Newt Gingrich by Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, and their Super-PACs, somebody is finally going to bat for Newt. Rather than just airing some short attack ad, the Conservative news website, Newsmax, will air a 30-minute documentary. Narrated by Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan, the documentary does not formally endorse Gingrich, but does make a very strong case for why he is the best candidate of the current field. Michael Reagan has personally endorsed Gingrich. Another 30-minute ad is being run by Liberty University, which has had a close relationship with Gingrich for many years.

newsmax gingrich ad
Why is Newt Gingrich smiling? Could it be that he′s happy that Newsmax is running a 30-minute infomercial in Iowa this weekend on his behalf? Image Credit: Judy Eddy /

The Newsmax documentary is planned to be run some 200 times this weekend in Iowa, covering every television market in the state. Much of the program shows video clips from Gingrich′s term as Speaker of the House fighting to reform the federal government and balance the budget. This week, Gingrich was endorsed by retired U.S. Army Colonel, Michael Steele, who had been the commander of the Ranger company subject in the book and movie, ″Black Hawk Down.″ Steele calls Newt a ″doer″, as somebody who just does not talk about change but actually can accomplish it. I will add here that neither is Newt simply a ′tweaker′ who thinks they can solve America′s problems by just tinkering on the fringes as Romney does.

So it pleases me to see that Gingrich is getting some help in battling back the millions of dollars in negative attack ads that have been waged against him. Even more so that the response from Newsmax is in itself, a positive one, highlighting Newt′s achievements and ideals rather than just a counter-punch of another negative ad. In contrast, the ad from Liberty University highlights itself, really, but shows how Gingrich has worked with them in promoting a Conservative and Judea-Christian value system.

Whether the 30-minute Newsmax documentary favorable to Newt Gingrich will help stem the bleeding his campaign has suffered since the surge of attack ads began playing in Iowa remains to be seen. If the polling data of late is accurate, Newt may find himself finishing a distant 4th, or even 5th in Iowa, where he had held a decent lead through the last televised debate. Endorsements from Michael Reagan, Art Laffer and retired Col. Michael Steele may help fortify Conservative support for Newt Gingrich nationwide. But for now, with the hours ticking by, Iowa remains one big question mark with 40% of the likely caucus goers still undecided.