January 3 is the 2012 Iowa Caucus and we will cover Iowa exit polls (actually “entrance polls”)and primary election results here at RightPundits with a live blog including news from our sources. We will also provide links to any live streaming video if available. Final polls for the first presidential primary race are also included below along with any news about disruptions caused by Occupy Iowa.

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2012 iowa caucus results

Winners and commentary will be inside the window at the bottom of the page. Entrance polls will be included in the comments or inside the article in updates, and we’ll have any information on the Occupy Iowa crowd, so bookmark this page and return throughout the day. Unlike many states, the official results will not be recorded on a state government site first, so you will be the first to know.

Updates Below.

Iowa Caucus News Updates:

3pm local time:

  • Weather: really cold about 15 degrees. No snow but the temperature dropped a lot from the previous days.


  • All quiet out there 3 hours before polls close.
  • Occupy Iowa is getting no media coverage. Their disruptions have occurred more on the Democrat side. Hilarious example of storming a DNC meeting at their newly opened “war room” in Iowa, where they demanded whatever they demand.
  • This guy has some crazy predictions as accurately stated.


  • Interesting article on demographics from the Iowa Caucus. Note that these are expectations rather than exit polls. Exit polls will come later.


  • If precinct captains are any indication, Rick Perry will surprise everyone today. Precinct captains are the ones who get up and talk about their candidate at the polling stations. Rick Perry leads the pack with over 1500 compared with Ron Paul’s 1480, and 1000 each for Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Romney’s number is unknown.
  • Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has decided to endorse nobody in the Iowa Caucus.
  • I often watch MSNBC to see how the other side lives. Would you believe it if I told you Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow are all talking together on the same set? All for you, my friends.


  • Entrance poll data from 2008 while we wait: 119,000 people attended the Iowa Republican Caucuses. 99% were white, most were evangelical, and most were from rural and small towns rather than cities. Read more here.
  • I wonder where the “secret location” is where ballots will be counted? Occupy Iowa must be steamed.
  • Good article on why the entrance poll numbers are suspect.


  • Intrade odds update: Romney 44%, Santorum 30%, Paul 25%.
  • Rick Perry will not be quitting the race tonight no matter what the outcome. He said today the campaign will continue to South Carolina.


  • Drudge Report had an online poll going all day which is now final. Not scientific at all.. Drudge visitors plus the 10,000 Ron Paul fanatics who emailed each other. Final Iowa poll results from Drudge:
    PAUL 33.61%, SANTORUM 21.29%, ROMNEY 20.24%, GINGRICH 10.18%, PERRY 7.45%

    Entrance poll (exit poll) data available in ten minutes. Early data is Romney, Paul, Santorum neck and neck as expected.
    New York Time projection (which means nothing):
    Romney 22%
    Paul 21%
    Santorum 19%

    Entrance poll data surveyed 600 people.
    Tier 1: Romney, Santorum, Paul. (implication is close)
    Tier 2: Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry, etal.

    “Early” exit poll specifics are as follows. Note this is the early arrivers that do not include everyone, and is often wildly inaccurate:
    24% Romney
    24% Paul
    18% Santorum
    13% Gingrich

    In early voting, percentage of Democrats and Independents is 30%. Percentage of self-identified “moderates” is 20%. Percentage of evangelical voters is 60%.

    Entrance poll data details are here.

    Further updates including winner projections are in the live blog window so click it and join.

    Iowa Polls, Republican Presidential Race Caucus

    Polling Date Polling Company Mitt Romney (R) Ron Paul (R) Rick Santorum (R) Newt Gingrich (R) Rick Perry (R) Michele Bachmann (R) Huntsman (R)
    1/1/2011 Insider Advantage 23% 22% 18% 16% 10% 6% 2%

    1/1/2011 PPP 19% 20% 18% 14% 10% 8% 4%

    12/30/2011 Des Moines Register 24% 22% 15% 12% 11% 7% 2%

    12/28/2011 Rasmussen 23% 22% 16% 13% 13% 5% 3%

    12/28/2011 Insider Advantage 17% 17% 13% 17% 11% 12% 3%

    12/28/2011 NBC News 23% 21% 15% 13% 14% 6% 2%

    12/27/2011 CNN and Time Magazine 25% 22% 16% 14% 11% 9% 1%

    12/27/2011 PPP 20% 24% 10% 13% 10% 11% 4%

    The 2012 Republican presidential race is now getting very real with actual ballots being cast. The 2012 GOP nominee will be picked as we go from primary to caucus across America, leading to the convention this summer. For the latest in polls, predictions and campaign news, RightPundits is the place to stay informed.

    Since last summer, we have been following the progress of the GOP field of presidential candidates. Mitt Romney has remained consistent with roughly 20-25% support in most states. The rest of the pack has been fluid, with each contender having a moment in the spotlight. First it was Michele Bachmann, then Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. Since the last televised GOP debate, we have seen Ron Paul and now Rick Santorum surge in their polling numbers as Gingrich declines.

    The Iowa Caucus is a unique institution in American politics. Since the 1970s, they strive to be the first state to make their choice heard for who should be the next president. While the record of Iowa picking the actual nominee is spotty, many winners of the Hawkeye caucus have gotten enough of a bump to propel themselves into the White House. In 2008, Barack Obama won in Iowa, launching his national campaign against the powerful machine of Hillary Clinton. Will 2012 give a lucky Republican a similar boost?

    Find out January 3rd 2012 who won the Iowa Caucus as the GOP presidential primary season begins. We at RightPundits will cover the Iowa caucus exit polls and election results with a live blog, starting at 8pm EST. The caucus ends at 9pm EST with results expected to begin being made public shortly after. RightPundits is the place to be for all of your election news.

    CNN live feed of election results from Iowa is here.