Just when you thought it might be safe to celebrate the holidays, a Far-Left leaning teacher, Barbara Kibler, of the George School in Newton, Pennsylvania has other ideas. Her original play, ′Occupy North Pole′, was performed at the school, using children as her pawns, to spread a message of the glory of Socialism. The story which Kibler penned begins with the North Pole being seized by evil Capitalists using eminent domain laws. The mean, wicked Wall Street corporation, the name of which is GREED, then outsources the work of Santa′s elves to China. Santa Claus, himself, is physically assaulted by a greedy Capitalist, as seen in the video below. But fear not! Socialists come to the rescue, beating their spirit drums and preaching the need to redistribute wealth.

occupy north pole

At the school website, Barbara Kibler defends her play, stating ″We all need to be politically and socially aware.″ Of course, the real question here is whether or not the 12 and 13 year old students subjected to this blatant propaganda ploy are truly aware of the whole story? Including that of the other side? The 45-minute play was performed last Friday at the school.

One could argue that Kibler′s play was in the tradition of Charles Dickens′ ″A Christmas Carol″, though even Dickens did not preach outright revolution as Kibler does. The story of Scrooge facing his own personal greed and lack of humanity on an individual level comes nowhere near the twisted view of Barbara Kibler. In the end, Scrooge is still a businessman, seeking to profit, but has learned to be a nice guy about it. A tale of individual redemption rather than social engineering.

The Occupy North Pole play performed at the George School in Newton, Pennsylvania, written by dance teacher Barbara Kibler, is yet another example of teachers crossing the line to promote their own political beliefs to the children they are entrusted with. Santa Claus and his elves are used and abused by greedy Capitalists in the play. They are saved through acts of revolution, and a good deal of spirit drum beating, too! The message here reminds me of the old National Lampoon Radio skit about Santa Karl, the Communist version of Santa Claus, who gives children hammers, scythes and bits of leather, all produced by state-run factories by workers who are loyal Party members meeting their state-issued production quotas. At least in the case of the Lampoon sketch, it was comedy, not propaganda.