The RightPundits family is sorry to report the passing away of JoAnne Thomas. She died last night after a long struggle with cancer. While JoAnne would post comments and occasionally write an article for RightPundits, she managed our sister site, RightJuris, focusing on crime and justice related stories and issues. Those of who would attend our live blogs covering political debates and events will remember her fondly as Jo.

JoAnne had battled beast cancer for many years, and for a while seemed to be winning. But in the past two years, the struggle reversed. Though if one ever talked with her, she would never complain nor give any hint of the pain and suffering she went through. She had no time for pity. Hers was a life of courage and love.

Having gotten to know Jo over the past couple of years, she was a real treasure. Earlier this year, after the death of my mother, Jo took me under her wing to help me through my grief. All the while, suffering every day herself. I understood and appreciated her support. We would call each other often to cheer each other up.

The news of her death has hit me hard. On the one hand I am very sad and will miss her terribly. But there is that side of the coin where death has freed her from her pain. As a Christian, I know that she is in the hands of our Father now, and will forever be in His peace and love.

The passing of JoAnne Thomas last night ended her life of pain. Many times she would tell Patrick McCain or myself just how much writing here meant to her, how it kept her going. Jo′s spirit was one that could not be restrained or bottled up. Those of you who wish further information, including making a contribution in her name, should go to our notice at RightJuris. All of us at RightPundits will miss her dearly.