Just when you thought that the 2012 Republican presidential race could not get any stranger, last night Christine O′Donnell endorsed Mitt Romney while appearing on Sean Hannity′s show on the Fox News Channel. O′Donnell, as you may recall, was the ′Tea Party′ favorite in the Delaware U.S. Senate race in 2010. After an embarrassing video clip about her flirtation with witchcraft as a youth emerged, her bid to join the Senate went down the tubes, losing to Democrat Chris Coons. Many in the GOP Establishment blame her and another ′Tea Party′ favorite, Sharon Angle, to this day for the Republicans not winning control of the Senate in 2010. So how does this square with the Establishment who are so deeply entrenched with Mitt Romney?

o donnell endorses romney
Christine O′Donnell has endorsed Mitt Romney for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah / Wenn.com.

Oddly enough, last night on ′Hannity′, Sean also had on as a guest Ann Coulter. He replayed a video clip from February of this year where Coulter predicted that if Romney were the nominee, Obama would get reelected. Since her own favorite, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is not running and is also supporting Romney, Coulter has flip-flopped and is also on the Mitt-bot bandwagon. Coulter dismissed the clip as old news.

With the Iowa caucus now just 20 days away, the race to see which GOP candidate will challenge Barack Obama for the White House is now in full swing. The Fox News debate Thursday night will be the last televised battle between the Republican field before Iowa. The latest polls show Newt Gingrich leading in most states and nationwide. A new Public Policy Poll shows Ron Paul surging in Iowa, with 21% to Newt′s 22%. Romney is down to just 16% in that poll for Iowa and only leads Gingrich by 11 points in New Hampshire according to the latest Rasmussen poll, which also shows a late surge for Paul as well. In October, Romney had a 30-point lead over everyone in the Granite State.

So will the Christine O′Donnell endorsement of Mitt Romney help sway the Tea Party movement to accept him? Romney certainly hopes so as his campaign issued a statement praising O′Donnell as ″a leader in the conservative movement for many years,″ and that Romney is ″pleased to have her on my team.″ While appearing on Sean Hannity′s show on the Fox News Channel, O′Donnell said of Romney′s many flip-flops on issues, ″That′s one of the things that I like about him – because he′s been consistent since he changed his mind.″ Which begs the question has Romney flip-flopped since declaring in 2002 that he was a Progressive? Implying that he supports Big Government and a Nanny-state of federal regulations and intervention in our daily lives? Could Erik Ericson of Red State be correct that the 2012 Republican presidential race appears to be turning into a GOP suicide pact? Or is it time to finally admit what we all know to be true? Love him or hate him, Newt Gingrich is the only candidate running who could soundly defeat Barack Obama in a debate and show America one again that the Gingrich Revolution is just what we need now, as we did in 1994?

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