Tuesday evening, Fox News Channel′s ′Special Report with Bret Baier′ aired a one-on-one interview with GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Now, before I discuss the interview itself, permit me to offer some background. Baier′s program had been running a feature inviting the candidates to the round-table segment at the second half of the broadcast. But Romney refused, because he is too special, too precious, to be subjected to questions from three people. As we see in his interview on Tuesday, Romney can barely handle questions from one person! On Wednesday night, Baier appeared with Bill O′Reilly and Baier told Bill that Romney was upset with the interview. Romney said it was ″overly aggressive″ and ″uncalled for″. Well! Poor baby!

mitt romney bret baier interview

Some weeks ago, when I first posted my doctored picture of Mitt Romney you see above you, it was after a debate where I claimed, and rightly so, that Rick Perry beat up Romney over his problem with hiring illegal immigrants to mow Romney′s lawn. Mitt went into such a snit that he sought aid from the moderator, Anderson Cooper, because Perry was violating the time restrictions. Poor baby, Mitt. The big bad Rick Perry is talking during HIS precious 30 seconds. Even though it was Romney who had asked Perry to provide a source for the story about illegal immigrants mowing his lawn, which Perry was attempting to do until Mitt interrupted him. I suppose if someone were citing an article from the Boston Globe that made me look like a lying hypocrite, I might ask Anderson Cooper for help, too!

So Romney has been hiding inside his silky, velvet cocoon of media watchdogs, protecting him from answering difficult questions about his many flip flops and other outrages. When Bret Baier raised the issue about Romney′s health care program in Massachusetts and how Mitt wanted that to be THE model for the rest of the nation, Romney went on the defensive. Baier hardly got to ask him any tough questions, like about how all of Mitt′s emails as governor were deleted and how his staffers took their hard drives with them after Romney left office?

Once again, Romney attempted to argue the case that he is more conservative than Newt Gingrich and more electable because he is not a career politician. This from a guy who has been in politics since 1994 and has been running for president since 2006 after serving as governor of Taxachusetts. No, Romney is NOT a career politician. He is a career buffoon!

The Mitt-bots, those who fanatically support Romney, wonder why their demigod of flip-flops is generally unloved by most Republicans? Even the new issue of Time Magazine poses that question. A consistent 75% or more want somebody other than Mitt Romney to be the GOP 2012 presidential nominee. After seeing Romney skate through the debates and try to skate through interviews like the one with Bret Baier on Fox News Tuesday night, is it any wonder why? Mitt ′the Snit′ Romney just does not have the cajones to take on Barack Obama. He didn′t have them to beat John McCain in 2008. This is why 35% of Republicans polled say they would consider voting third party if Romney were the nominee and 16% say they definitely would. Kind of late now for Mitt to grow a pair at this point. Maybe Anderson Cooper can help him out again?