Last night’s debate gave us all a perfect example of why Mitt Romney is the single worst candidate the Republican Party could put up for consideration. The incident arose when Newt Gingrich brought up his point that we simply cannot deport millions of illegals back to Mexico. Romney leapt to demagogy on the issue and pretended he was against amnesty. Well, at least he’s against it this year.

Romney puffed himself up and slammed Newt for offering amnesty to those that broke our laws to get here. “Look, amnesty is a magnet,” Romney retorted to Newt’s discussion of the immigration problem. The former liberal Massachusetts Governor then stood firm that amnesty is a bad idea.

So, last night Mitt was against giving illegals the right to citizenship, he said they shouldn’t be allowed to “jump to the head of the line” just because they were already here in contravention to our immigration laws. But that was last night. Once again we see a past Mitt Romney singing a different tune…

That’s right, back in 2007, Mitt “Flip Flopper” Romney thought amnesty was a good idea… until he didn’t. Just like every other position this soulless man has, it changes with his need to get elected. Last run for the White House, Mitt was trying to seem like the “moderate” choice for president. Now he’s trying to appear more conservative. Back in Massachusetts he wanted to be seen as a big government loving, gun-hating, abortion supporting, liberal, now he wants voters to think he is the next Ronald Reagan — the same conservative icon he once said back in his gubernatorial days that he did not support.

This latest example of Mitt’s flip flopping did not escape Newt’s attention. His tweet today was hilarious. Newt says to Romney, “Here’s a trip down memory lane: VIDEO So what’s your position on citizenship for illegals again? (I oppose it.)”

Exactly right, Newt!

As in every single other issue, Mitt Romney was for it before he was against it. Well, expect for one issue. He supports Obamneycare to the hilt. That is the only thing that GOP voters would like to see him back down on, yet he curiously stays steadfast in favor of Romneycare which served as the base model for Obamacare.

This man is the emptiest of empty suits. A man without principles. A man that carefully arranges his “beliefs” only to the end that it might get him elected.