Flipping the bird to Obama

In a crass moment that will go down in television history, Russian television anchor Tatyana Limanova synthesized what much of the world has been feeling the last year about our president. She flipped off Obama on national television in a show of exasperation with America’s leadership in the world under the Obama presidency. See the photo and view the viral video below.

Tatyana Limanova

It was sort of her mad as hell and not going to take it anymore moment, a scene harking back to the movie Network. And in so making the gesture, she perhaps encapsulated the feelings of many foreigners and perhaps even some Americans today. There is a now global feeling that Barack Obama is unfit to lead in difficult times.

Long gone are the days of hope and change. In two short years, Obama has turned a world full of goodwill and hope for his presidency, into what can best be described as an uneasy relationship between America and the world, and in many cases utter animosity as we saw today.

And Tatyana Limanova is not just any journalist looking for some shock publicity. She is an award winning news anchor, the Russian equivalent of Walter Cronkite or Peter Jennings. She is to Russian news what Uncle Ben’s is to rice.

The Obama “flipping the bird” moment came during the evening news broadcast seen by 120 million people each night. She was reporting that the Asia Pacific Cooperation, a quasi international government body, had a new chairman who will replace Barack Obama. Obama was famous for arriving late, skipping meetings, and doing nothing in his tenure as the agency’s titular head. She then dramatically raised her middle finger in an unmistakable salute to our president as you can see in the photo and video below.

Here is the video of Tatyana Limanova doing her naughty deed, flipping the bird to our president.

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Tatyana Limanova Flipping the Bird (Video)