Two new polls out today show Newt Gingrich in a statistical tie with Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. A poll from CBS shows Cain with 18% in first place with both Romney and Gingrich tied at 15% for second, and a margin of error of 3%. Another new poll by Public Opinion from Marist College has Romney in the lead with 23%, Newt at 19% and Cain at 17%, with a margin of error of 5.5%. There is no doubt that the steady debate performances by Newt Gingrich has benefited him in recent weeks, as well as the Herman Cain scandal of the past two weeks.

newt gingrich polls
Newt Gingrich is smiling these days with two new polls showing him in a statistical tie for front runner with Mitt Romney and Herman Cain. Image Credit: Judy Eddy /

Cain continues to draw fire after several remarks this week. Referring to Nancy Pelosi as ″Princess Nancy″, to which he apologized, did not help. Nor did a joke from a supporter at a rally in Michigan about Anita Hill, to which Cain responding by asking if she was endorsing him? Then there was another statement where the candidate stated that it was time to ″Beat Barack Obama with a Cain.″ Some reporters, at first, did not get the joke, thinking he meant beating Obama with an actual cane.

Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, has been playing it cool, avoiding controversy as much as possible. His gracious defense of Rick Perry, for example, telling talk show hosts that what happened to Perry, the ′brain freeze′, is something that could happen to anyone, including himself. Newt′s knowledge of the issues, and having solutions for everything in great detail is definitely a major plus that people are beginning to appreciate.

So Newt Gingrich is on a roll, now tied with Mitt Romney and Herman Cain in the latest polls out today. The former Speaker of the House has bounced back from obscurity to a solid front-runner status as Republicans are still suspicious of Romney and Herman Cain scandals continue to plague Cain. The new polls also show that about 70% of the GOP primary voters still have yet to make up their mind on whom to vote for and support. So the field is wide open and anything can happen.