These should be nobody left who doubts that the surge is working in Iraq. Military deaths in Iraq have fallen precipitously to the lowest level in 14 months.

The casualty rate has fallen four straight months since a yearly high of 121 military deaths were incurred in May 2007. The highest military death toll was in April and November 2004, three years ago, when Fallujah was raging and the Sunni insurgency was at its peak.

Levels of violence are falling around the country, whether military or civilian. The surge is working and has probably bought us plenty of time for the political situation to develop satisfactorily.

During the entire course of this moral war, the Democrat political machine has served to undermine U.S. strategic objectives at every turn. Aided by their accomplices in the liberal press, the rabble succeeded in turning American who are relatively uninformed about the monumental stakes against it.

Thank God for a strong president on this one seminal issue, who stood up to naked political pressure from his opponents and weak-stomached members of his own party apparatus.

All that is needed now in Iraq is time. One can only hope that the American congress and electorate is stronger in will than the remaining opposition in Iraq.