Initiative 26, the Mississippi ′Personhood′ Amendment, a law which would have made all abortions illegal, went down in flames during the special elections on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. In Ohio, Ballot Issue 2 was also defeated thanks to millions of dollars and an army of out-state union workers. Governor John Kasich admitted that perhaps it was too much, too soon, but warned local governments that the consequences have not changed. Budget shortfalls will lead to layoffs of teachers, police and firemen, as well as other public workers. While Democrats celebrate the outcome as a precursor for an Obama victory in Ohio in 2012, Ballot Issue 3 passed by an even wider margin, which means citizens in Ohio are rejecting the health insurance mandate of Obama′s premier domestic policy. One has to wonder if the No-means-Yes language of Issue 2 may have confused voters?

In Virginia, incumbents won their seats back for the most part, but some state senate contests are still too close to call and may require a recount. So Republicans could still gain control of the Virginia senate. In New Jersey, Democrats held their ground and gained one seat in their state assembly and maintained control in the senate. Of the two governor races last night, incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear won easily as did Republican Lt. Governor Phil Bryant winning in Mississippi, replacing the out-going Haley Barbour.

All in all it was a good night for Democrats, especially of the Far-Left variety. Initiative 26, the Mississippi personhood amendment, a law which would have made abortion illegal, was soundly defeated. As to was Ohio Ballot Issue 2 which now allows public service employee unions to maintain their collective bargaining power. Ballot Issue 3, however, was passed by an even larger margin, which was a blow to the White House and the health insurance mandate of Barack Obama.