President Nicolas Sarkozy of France was photographed carrying a ‘love letter’ to an unknown person, presumably a woman but one never knows. Yes, a French sex scandal is brewing which means that Right Pundits is on the case doing The People’s work.

The visible text reads:

“I feel like I haven’t seen you for an eternity and I miss you.

“On Thursday, we’re leaving for a jaunt to Morocco for my _____. But I would love to manage to see you in the week or next weekend. Millions of kisses.�?

Read the sordid details.

There must be a lot to love about Nicolas Sarkozy’s girlfriend. He is a friend of the U.S. and emerging pragmatic moralist on Iran. French wine has returned to our home.

He runs circles around Chirac, and like his predecessor this good man appears to enjoy his girlfriends just as much as goat cheese.

We will bring more of this shocking scandal to you as the story unfolds.