Tony La Russa, the newly retired manager of the St. Louis Cardinals ball team, has a bone to pick with President Obama. La Russa says that when they won the World Series Obama never called to offer them his congratulations.

La Russa notes that White House staffers did call to make sure they had the right number to make a call later, but “We never did get a call,” La Russa said.

It is a tradition, no matter how insipid, that a president call some sports team or another that won some title or another and Obama has done it before, to be sure. But this time the Cards get a bye, I guess.

Still, this is not something I will give Obama guff for. Instead, let me give guff to every other president who indulged this idiotic tradition.

It is a waste of a president’s time to be involving himself in so-called “professional” sports teams and their silly little games. Who the heck cares if a president wants to congratulate a “World” Series winner? It isn’t like the “World” Series is any kind of “World” anything. In fact, it isn’t even a national anything. It is just those that care about baseball to the thrill of one city of one state in the union!

Super Bowl, schmooper bowl. Stanley Cup? Let Stanley keep it. College Bowl games? Why is a president involving himself in any of this stuff?

Now, I can see a president involving himself in congratulating winners of the various American competitors in the Olympics. After all, those athletes are actually representing the whole of the United States when they compete.

I see no reason at all why a president should have bothered calling the St. Louis Cardinals for their “big win.” Nor do I think it is an appropriate use of a president’s time to do so.

Congratulations, Cards fans. Drink yourself stupid over “your” victory. But don’t waste the president’s time with your childish games.

… and don’t even get me started about grown adults that wear sports Jerseys, that say “we” won when the teams they like win a game, that know more about sports stats than they do American history, that waste many thousands of their income on this foolishness, and similarly waste their weekends in front of the TV watching some stupid kid’s game. That is a whole ‘nuther article.

(Before you haters waste your breath in the comments, I played plenty of sports as a kid — when it was appropriate to be doing so — and was on several teams that won the “championships” in my area.)