Here is the photo of Chelsea Clinton that still hangs in a restaurant window in New York. Click the link below the photo and you will be directed to a website where you can view a video describing this ridiculous situation at the Osso Buco eatery in Manhattan.

Source and video.

The photo is her standing with Greenwich Village restaurant owner Nino Selimaj at his establishment Osso Buco. In typical New York fashion, he litters the restaurant with photos of celebrities. They all do it in New York and nobody ever complains.

Apparently, Chelsea Clinton likes eating in the this restaurant but does not want her photo displayed so that other people can see it. I suppose there is a difference between seeing Chelsea Clinton seated live in a restautant and viewing her photo hanging live in the window, but someone will have to explain that distinction.

And in true Clinton fashion, she swung with both presidential barrels blazing. The restaurant got a letter on official Bill Clinton stationary demanding that the photo be removed from the window or legal action might be taken.

So once again we have a case of the rich and powerful picking on the little guys. You Clintons leave this man alone!

And what irony that this is New York City, sight of the World Trade Center bombings. Years before they happened, the Al Qaeda mastermind, Osama bin Laden, could have been erased by Bill Clinton when he was offered to the U.S. on a platter.

But no, the Clintons instead reserve their anger for the tiniest of New York restaurants on the Island where they could have prevented the worst act of terrorism in world history.

Like father, like daughter. Shame on you, Chelsea Clinton.