CNN′s Anderson Cooper played referee last night in Las Vegas as the 2012 Republican presidential candidates turned the debates into a brawl. No physical blows were struck, but Mitt Romney was pushed against the ropes, forcing him to cry foul. The live studio audience seemed to be stacked in his favor, perhaps with many family members and sister wives. They booed both Rick Perry and Rick Santorum as they challenged Romney′s authenticity on the issues of immigration, health care and job creation. Romney′s only resort, since the facts were not on his side, was to squirm and demand that the time rules be obeyed. Does Mitt Romney think this gutless defense will work against junk-yard dog, Barack Obama, when he goes all Chicago on him next year?

romney debate brawl

The debate last night began with Herman Cain being the target, as the Coop let everyone attack the 9-9-9 tax plan. Unlike Romney, Cain maintained his cool and defended his slogan to the last syllable. After about 30 minutes of this, the gloves came off as the candidates competed to be the anti-Romney choice in the GOP primaries.

Perry drew first blood on Romney, with the rest of the sharks circling for their chance to put the bite on Mitt. Romney was called out for having hired illegal immigrants to mow his lawn. Then he was caught on his health care mandate flip flop, especially the part where he removed one sentence proclaiming that the mandate would be a good idea for the nation from a later printing of his book. Santorum stabbed and jabbed away at Miitt on that point. Romney even tried to shift the blame to Newt Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation when Anderson Cooper backed away from enforcing the time limit rules Romney held so preciously. The last battle came again from Rick Perry who cited how Massachusetts was 47th in the nation on job creation under Romney, with only 40,000 jobs created during his term as governor. Once more, Romney cried fouled when Perry would not let him lie about how 40% of the jobs in Texas involved illegal immigrants.

The GOP debate in Las Vegas last night was a raucous affair, leaving Mitt Romney clinging to the ropes as the rest of the candidates slugged away at him. Being a wimpy boy, Romney demanded that the time limit rules be obeyed to the letter. Too bad for him that politics is hardly a setting for Marquis of Queensbury rules. His many flip flops on the issues over his lengthy career as a political figure places Mitt Romney as the ultimate road kill, the victim of his own efforts to stand in the middle after moving from side to side. Of course, the Establishment Media is claiming that Romney won last night′s debate, as they do every debate. But it is quite obvious now that with the clock ticking away, the time for niceties is over. Bring on the mud!