An Iranian terror plot was foiled by federal agents. The plot included plans to kill the Saudi and Israeli ambassadors to the United States, attack both countries′ embassies in Washington, DC, and a bomb plot for a popular DC restaurant which could have killed dozens, including patrons like members of Congress who frequent the establishment. In custody is Manssor Arbabsiar, a naturalized US citizen who also holds an Iranian passport. Arbabsiar had contacted a person in Mexico City he thought was connected to the Zeta drug cartel, to hire them to carry out the assassination of the Saudi ambassador for $1.5 million dollars. However, the person was actually a DEA informant. Another suspect, Gholam Shakuri, is at large. Both men are connected to Iran′s Quds Force, part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps which conducts operations outside of Iran.

Arbabsiar was arrested last month on September 29 after returning from Europe to New York City. He had already arranged for a down payment of $100,000 sent via wire transfers to the DEA informant, into phony bank accounts set up by the FBI. Needless to say, the government in Iran has denied all of this. But according to our Department of Justice, Manssor Arbabsiar has already confessed to the whole plot.

Thanks to an error in judgment, the Iran terror plot foiled may have wide implications. That Iran wanted to assassinated the Saudi ambassador to the United States, and money had already transferred hands might be difficult to slither out of. Manssor Arbabsiar had met with a man in Mexico City to arrange the plot with a man he thought was part of the Zeta drug cartel. Instead, the man was a DEA informant. The plot included attacks also on the Israeli ambassador to the United States, the Israeli and Saudi embassies in Washington DC, and a potential bomb plot against a popular restaurant frequented by diplomats and members of the US government. A second suspect, Gholam Shakuri is being sought by authorities.