The Occupy Wall Street bunch, who now call themselves the ′99 percent′, are going anti-Semitic it seems. Yes, the video evidence below clearly shows the attitude. People in the Far-Left Media laughed and scoffed at Glenn Beck when he would talk about how there was a growing cooperation between Socialists and Anarchists with the Muslim extremists of the Arab Spring movement. As we see in the video below, a Wall Street protester verbally abuses an elderly Jewish man in New York City′s Zuccotti Park, including the old anti-Semitic stereotype of how Jews have all the money. Yet, Democrat politicians, including Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, are cheering the protesters on.

occupy wall street protest
The Occupy Wall Street protests continue as they grow more violent and aggressive. Image Credit: HRC /

We also know now that the Occupy Wall Street bunch are getting help from several major labor unions, including Obama′s favorite, SEIU, as well as from George Soros funded groups like This week, we have seen an expansion of the protests to cities beyond New York, perhaps a sign that Van Jones, Obama′s former green jobs czar, has called for this movement to become American Autumn. Jones even believes this could grow and be as wide spread as the Tea Party movement. Of course, the difference here is that when members of the Congressional Black Caucus accused Tea Party members of shouting racial slurs and spitting on them as they walked to the Capitol Building to vote on the health care bill, there was no video or audio evidence of such happening.

Here, in this case with the Occupy Wall Street – 99 percent protesters, we do indeed have video and audio evidence of an act of anti-Semitism. Now, I won′t say that all of the protesters are anti-Semitic. But the rhetoric recited by those in New York City′s Zuccotti Park about capitalism and Wall Street is very similar to the stereotypical views some racists have of Jewish people. That the Jews have all the money or control all the money. That is precisely what the protester said to the elderly Jewish man in the video below. Democrat politicians, like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, whom have publicly stated support for the protesters, had better be careful. Van Jones may like the Occupy Wall Street bunch, but he isn′t running for any office.