The Burlington Junior School in East Yorkshire, England is now known as the school that bans hand-raising. Instead, if they want a teacher′s attention, school children must give ′The Fonz′, a thumbs-up, to be called upon. Parents when asked about the new policy think it is ′just daft′ that pupils may no longer raise their hands. But teachers say the hand raising ban will lead to calmer classrooms. In a similar scenario, a teacher in America banned his students from saying ′God Bless You′ when somebody sneezes. The argument being that it was becoming too disruptive. Have schools and teachers gone off the deep end of reason and sanity?

The answer to that is a big affirmative! The state of education has become so pathetic that it seems teachers and school administrators are grasping at straws looking for any excuse to cover up their own incompetence. This is yet another example of why home schooling has become more popular. Do we seriously think that children will learn more by raising their thumbs like The Fonz from ′Happy Days′? That such will instill more discipline and order in a classroom? Of course not! Children see this as much as a joke as their parents do, which will only lead to further disregard for the teaching profession and school in general.

But if your child goes to Burlington Junior School in East Yorkshire, England, be prepared as the school bans hand-raising in their classrooms. School children will do The Fonz instead to get a teacher′s attention, because the school thinks a hand-raising ban makes a calmer classroom. Like sticking a thumbs up is any better? Even the parents see through this, saying the plan is just daft, pupils will not be better off with this ban. This reminds me of the old Frank Zappa song, ″Show Me Your Thumb If You′re Dumb.″