The boondoggle that is the wind farm power generation project sponsored by the New York Power Authority is a perfect example of why government should not be in the business of… well, should not be in any business at all. Proving that point, the recently dumped project would have cost the state nearly $2 billion in state tax money over a 20 year span just to make it “viable.”

There are some things that government should have a hand in, of course. Roads, bridges, and useful government facilities should be undertaken with government involvement. But as we’ve seen throughout the country, the second government gets involved in something like energy production, all we get is waste, red tape, and a service that does not serve the public.

David Robinson of the Buffalo News did an fantastic job relating just how bad this deal was for the tax payers of New York.

Robinson notes that the project that had been in the works for some time was finally cancelled because it wasn’t “fiscally prudent.” And that is an understatement.

The project would have cost the taxpayers for the next 20 years at up to $100 million in government subsidies.

NYPA would have paid them for 20 years. So on even a small-scale project, it would have cost $1.2 billion to $2 billion in subsidies over 20 years just to make the project work financially.

Like all these green dream projects, the claim is made that it will “bring jobs” to the state. The reality is that these jobs never materialize and when they do the cost per job is so outrageous that the cost effectiveness of the project is unviable.

Take the Solyndra scandal for example. It has been estimated that the jobs “created” by Obama’s greenie initiatives cost the taxpayers $1.3 million per job! How is that a good deal for the taxpayer?

Let me help with that… it isn’t!

But this seems to be par for the course in “green jobs.” They cost far more than they are worth, they are fewer than expected, and worse they are not very long term as the projects that supposedly create those jobs disappear at the drop of a hat.

Government should stay out of the energy game. It never works to anyone’s advantage. Well, it never works to anyone other than the politicians that get big donations from people wanting to build such projects and the big money men that make out like fatcats before the whole project goes belly up, of course.