Proving once again to be the consummate sore loser, Dan Rather has filed a lawsuit against CBS and Viacom for $70 million dollars. The nerve!

Read all about Rather’s lawsuit.

Dan Rather blew what remained of his weak credibility and lackluster career on the Texas Air National Guard story which claimed that George Bush received special favors to avoid combat service in Vietnam.

Whether true or not, Rather’s “evidence” did not prove it. In fact, he used fake evidence that any 3rd grader could uncover as phony, something Rather later referred infamously as “fake but accurate.”

Rather blew it by standing by the story as it unraveled around him in the week following the 60 Minutes broadcast. He could have stepped away from it but instead made the critical judgement error to thrust himself into the middle and defended Marla Mapes’ indefensible story.

That judgement error, and the fake story itself, are two of the best examples we have of liberal bias in the media, and particularly the ideologically-motivated bias of Dan Rather.

Why CBS didn’t file a lawsuit against Dan Rather for poor ratings shall remain a mystery.