Glenn Beck′s new show for kids on GBTV starts Monday and is called Liberty Treehouse. Since launching GBTV in June, Glenn Beck is proving that he can reach the audience who watched him on the Fox News Channel. Now, Beck is expanding, providing meaningful programs for America′s youth. The host is Raj Nair and the show will comprise of news, science and even some classic television from the 1950s, including Ozzie & Harriet, Flash Gordon, plus Popeye and Superman cartoons. A segment called Drive Thru History giving children a correct perspective and context on American history. Being a subscription-based Internet service, GBTV cost $4.95 a month for access to Glenn′s program and $9.95 per month provides access to everything.

liberty treehouse
Liberty Treehouse is Glenn Beck′s new show for kids on his GBTV network. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah /

Beck′s own revamped 2-hour daily show began airing last month. GBTV went from 80,000 paid viewers in June to over 230,000 in September. This makes Glenn Beck bigger than Oprah Winfrey, whom is struggling with her OWN cable channel that averages only 156,000 viewers. Beck has evolved into a major messenger of the Tea Party movement, saying that either the Tea Party will eat the Republican Party or vice versa.

Liberty Treehouse, Glenn Beck′s new show for kids on GBTV, targets the 7 to 16 year old age group and is hosted by Raj Nair. When leaving the Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck said that a major reason was to focus on reaching out to America′s youth. Informing and enlightening the nation′s children is a high priority for Glenn Beck, who has been critical in the past of much of what is taught in our present school systems, as well as the current crop of children′s television shows. You may catch the action yourself with a paid subscription, GBTV cost $4.95 a month to watch Beck′s own show and $9.95 to have full access to all programs.