Vice President Joe Biden says its time to stop blaming George W. Bush for the economy and time to start blaming Barack Obama. During an interview on Florida radio station WLRN, Biden admits that the 2012 elections will be a referendum on the Obama administration and its handling of the U.S. economy. Immediately, the White House went into full spin mode with Jay Carney saying that the 2012 elections will be based on the record, which he claims is one of saving the economy from another Great Depression. But as Tom Clancy put it in one of his Jack Ryan novels, you cannot defuse a bomb after it explodes, and Biden has just tossed his boss, and himself, under the bus.

joe biden blames obama

Joe Biden has always been a loose cannon on the deck. He averages at least one good gaffe a week and a serious one causing the White House to back-peddle about once every three months. For the past 31 months or so, Obama has been maintaining a steady drumbeat of casting blame for the economy on a wide range of people and events, such as the Japanese earthquake, blizzards in New York and New Jersey, ATM machines, the Tea Party and, of course, George W. Bush. Meanwhile, nearly his entire original staff of economists and advisers have departed, deserting Obama as the economy continues to stagnate with high unemployment, low growth and much uncertainty.

I suppose that Joe Biden cannot help himself but to be honest on occasion. His admission on Florida′s WLRN radio station yesterday that we should blame Barack Obama for the lousy economy is refreshing. High time that somebody in the Obama administration man-up and take responsibility. Joe Biden acknowledges that about half the country still blames George W. Bush, but Biden says that just because the financial collapse happened during the Bush administration, that fact is now irrelevant. Barack Obama now owns the economy and should be judged in November 2012 for his handling of it. Atta-Boy, Joe!