Meet Travis Taylor, star of the new reality TV series ′Rocket City Rednecks′ on NatGeo, the National Geographic cable network. With success of other shows like ′Sons of Guns′ on the Discovery Channel, which follows the antics of the Red Jacket Firearms company in Baton Rogue, this new series takes place near Huntsville, Alabama, a major NASA location. In the 1950s, the government moved Werner von Braun and his German rocket scientists to Huntsville. Today, Travis Taylor works for a NASA and defense contractor and has a hobby. On weekends, he and his gang of friends and family conduct their own science experiments. Last night, NatGeo treated us to four, 30-minute episodes, where the Rocket City Rednecks worked on bomb-proofing a pick-up truck, built a rocket that was fueled with moonshine, an Iron Man suit of powered armor from junkyard scrap, and their very own submarine made from a fertilizer bin and beer kegs.

rocket city rednecks

Like ′Sons of Guns′, ′Rocket City Rednecks′ includes plenty of explosive action. There′s nothing like a stick or two of dynamite to add a little drama. Not all of their experiments go as well as planned. Their submarine project, for example, came close to ending the series abruptly. First a CO2 scrubber got wet and the chemicals released a deadly toxin into the sub. Once they surfaced and got the hatch open, their design was flawed and water poured into the open hatch, sinking the submarine before Travis and his young nephew could escape. Luckily, they had a team of four rescue scuba divers with them at every step.

Travis Taylor himself is an actual rocket scientist and engineer. His daddy, whose farm most of the Rocket City Redneck action is filmed at, is a retired machinist who worked for NASA during the height of the Space Race. Along with his nephew and two close buddies, Travis and his team of backyard inventors are having fun doing some crazy stuff. Just as in the Discovery Channel series, ′Sons of Guns′, the NatGeo crew spares no expense at adding some explosives for drama. Maybe National Geographic will host a showdown between the Rocket City Rednecks versus the Red Jacket Firearms gang in a bazooka contest? Wouldn′t that be cool?