Today, the Chinese space program launched Tiangong 1, the first module for their orbital space station. The unmanned spacecraft lifted off from a remote base in the Gobi desert near Jiuquan on board a Long March 2F launch vehicle. A relative newcomer to human spaceflight, China is asserting itself as a global superpower, joining the ranks of the United States and Russia. Two astronauts will be launched later this year a board the Shenzhou 8 spaceship, basically a Chinese version of the Russian Soyuz craft. The Tiangong, or Heavenly Palace, will remain in orbit for just two years as the Chinese develop the practical skills of rendezvous and docking, as well as more experience with manned space missions.

chinese space program

China has made no secret of its space ambitions. They intend to conduct manned landings on the Moon. After the Obama administration canceled NASA′s return to the Moon mission, China is the only country currently with a plan to go there. They also intend to launch additional space stations in the future, including one about half the size of the International Space Station, ISS, by 2020. Other Chinese space missions include a robotic lunar rover and a joint Russian Mars probe project slated for next year.

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With the Chinese space program launching their first space station, the Tiangong, today, China is flexing its muscles as the world′s third superpower. They are demonstrating a commitment to human spaceflight as a Shenzhou spacecraft will carry astronauts to their space station later this year. Their Long March 2F launch vehicle is a proven flier and China′s ambitions in space include a manned lunar mission. Thanks to the inept Obama administration, America will soon lose its lead in aerospace.