At a recent press availability for Latino press outlets, President Obama evaded questions about why he and his regime won’t reveal how deep the murderous Operation Fast and Furious goes in his administration and why he won’t even help Mexican authorities track down the guns he allowed to “walk” into their nation to kill Mexican citizens.

You sure can’t say that the Department of Justice didn’t come by its penchant to stonewall questions over its criminal culpability in Operation Fast and Furious. It’s obvious they are being directed to stonewall and avoid questions by the president if his actions at the presser are any indications.

During the roundtable event Obama was asked about the disastrous program but his answers were evasive and non-responsive.

“We’re working very hard to have a much more effective interdiction effort … we are checking southbound transit … to capture illegal guns, illegal cash transfers to cartels,” he said at the morning event with representatives from Yahoo!, MSN Latino, and AOL Latino/Huffington Post Latino Voices. “It is something we’ve been building … it’s not yet finished, and there’s more work to do,” he said.

Not an answer, Mr. Obama, not an answer at all.

This is not only an American scandal this is an international scandal. This president directed his DOJ to ship across the border to Mexican drug cartel operatives dangerous guns that he knew would be used to kill Mexican citizens. Then, even the plan that he claimed the operation was for immediately failed and instead of trying to make amends he tried to cover up the failure.

Worse, Obama won’t even come clean with Mexico and help them track down the murderers he armed!

As we’ve said before, it isn’t just Mexican citizens that are put at risk with Obama’s drug dealer gunrunning program. Not only has at least on U.S. border agent been killed with Obama’s illegal guns but more of these guns all the time are being found at American crime scenes.

In fact, some of these weapons turned up in El Paso, Texas.

According to ATF emails and a federal court affidavit, El Paso police officers tracking alleged drug smuggling from Mexico followed a dark blue Volkswagen Jetta as it backed into a garage at a residence on Jan. 13, 2010. The driver was identified as Alberto Sandoval. Police later searched the vehicle and found the weapons and other devices.

After Alberto Sandoval was arrested and the F&F guns identified, emails about the incident was sent to several people at BATF’s D.C. headquarters, including acting director Ken Melson and assistant director William Hoover.

In other words, they knew, all about this in Washington DC.

Yet, Obama is stonewalling to beat the band and his Attny Gen is claiming they knew nothing. The lies are growing.

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