North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue stuck both of her feet in her mouth this past Tuesday at a Rotary Club meeting, suggesting that the solution for Congressional gridlock may be suspending elections next year. Naturally, she and her staffers have attempted to reel the comment in, saying it was just a joke. She was only expressing the public′s frustrations with Washington politics. Of course, even if this was a joke, it made no sense at all. Why would suspending elections for two years suddenly eliminate gridlock? If anything, the opposite would be true, accelerating the election time table, such as with a parliamentary system, would provide a better result. By itself, the remark by Bev Perdue might be overlooked as just being dimwitted, but let us add other voices to the chorus, such as former Obama OMB director, Peter Orszag. He wrote an op-ed piece for The New Republic this month bemoaning that we have too much democracy and that America might be better off with an elite technocracy running the show as in Communist China.

Add to these two incidents comments in the past made by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, and many other Democrats who think that the U.S. Constitution is more of a hindrance to the execution of power and stands in the way of getting things done. If they could have their way, they would have their way, and pass any law they could. They seem to think they know best and should have the authority to do whatever they please.

The arrogance of elitist Democrats like Beverly Perdue, Peter Orszag, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi knows no bounds. Which is exactly why we have the sort of government laid out by our U.S. Constitution. This holy document is meant to limit the power of government, not allow it to run amok. The original intent was to prevent big changes from happening too fast and to allow for a slow, deliberate, well thought out process to work. We have seen all too often the past few years what happens when we rush legislation through, especially when the legislators do not even take the time to read the darn bills! No, sorry Bev Perdue. Suspending elections is not a solution, nor is it even a funny joke. As for Orszag, Obama and the rest of the Democrats, our system of democracy, a constitutionally limited republic, has served us well for the most part. If anything needs to be done, it is repealing those laws and regulations of the past 90 years of the Progressive movement that are allowing for less gridlock and more arbitrary bureaucrats to wheel authority and power.