David Brooks, the New York Times columnist who claims he is a conservative must feel out of sorts these days. Brooks has become a political orphan, a man without a party. This is not true, he still represents the same Northeastern Establishment he always has. The hoypoloi, elitist Progressives of the Blue-Blood, Rockefeller Republicans. The kind of folks who can, in between rounds of scotch and golf, admire Barack Obama for the crease in his trousers while ignoring his wealth-redistributing Socialist ways. Forget about Obama′s radical past and associations. David Brooks likes the cut of Obama′s jib!

Many other ′old-school′ conservative writers have fallen into the same trap. George Will, for a time, seemed ready to accept the Obama administration wholesale, if for no other reason than to separate himself from any connection with the Tea Party movement, the great bane of the GOP Establishment. We cannot have a bunch of t-shirt wearing, placard carrying upstarts control the issues of the day. Too much democracy is a bad thing, just ask Pericles.

David Brooks likewise has yet to embrace the Tea Party. As with most in the Media, he see it as a fleeting phenomena. Whether attending a party of fellow journalists in Manhattan or the Hamptons, Brooks bends over backwards to be acceptable. A reasoned, balanced, moderate approach to the issues is what he advocates. It all sounds so wonderful and terribly intelligent. Just the thing to express to impress your new found friends from Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

But, of course, such is an illusion, and a rather bad one at that. David Brooks and others who think like him or agree with him are misguided. They have lost any real convictions. His embracing of Barack Obama has left Brooks, along with a host of other opinion writers, twisting in the wind. Obama has been a disaster and a colossus failure. So David Brooks and the rest have turned to their new savior, Mitt Romney, the GOP version of Obama-Lite. A steady drumbeat of how Romney is the only candidate who can draw Independents and defeat Obama is sounded daily throughout the Media. But every poll from the beginning of the 2012 campaign season up to today shows Romney lacking any real support from the grass roots of the Republican Party. He might be able to beat Obama, but it is unlikely that he could win the GOP nomination.

So David Brooks has become a political orphan. Sure, he still has his adopted family of the Blue Blood Republicans. Brooks can still count on his invitations to journalist parties and self-empowering award banquets. But he has lost touch with The People, if he ever had any in the first place. The People do not want more of Obama, nor do they want a milk-toast substitute like Romney. They want a strong leader who will shake up Washington and slash spending. Why on Earth would anybody rational be willing to pay higher taxes when the government wastes so much money already? That is the great flaw in the Obama and Democrat message. The very message David Brooks supports.