The latest, new Zogby Poll has Herman Cain on top of the 2012 field of Republican presidential candidates. The nationwide poll of likely voters and likely GOP primary voters puts Cain in the lead with 28%. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney follow, nearly tied for second place with Perry at 18% and Romney at 17%. Ron Paul maintains his consistent 11% support, the most consistent in Zogby′s history of political polling. If you think this leap into fron runner status by Cain is the result of a bump from his winning the Florida Straw Poll this past Saturday, think again. The poll was conducted before. Herman Cain has moved up from 8% one month ago and from 12% just two weeks ago in the Zogby standings. Last night on Fox News, Cain said that he could win as much as a third of the African-American vote, whose support for Barack Obama has declined from 92% to 58%.

herman cain leads new zogby poll
Herman Cain leads the 2012 Republican presidential field according to the new Zogby Poll. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah /

Herman Cain is perhaps the most interesting of all of those running for president this election cycle. His career has been varied and demonstrates how success can be achieved through hard work. He even won the coveted Horatio Alger Award in 1996! While most of his life has been in the restaurant industry, he has considerable experience in banking and economics, having been a board member of the Federal Reserve, including deputy director and chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He had also done ballistics work as a civilian mathematician for the U.S. Navy.

In the world of politics, Cain had been the senior economic adviser to Bob Dole during Dole′s 1996 presidential campaign. Cain ran for the U.S. Senate in his native Georgia in 2004, and had run against George W. Bush for the presidency in 2000 for a brief time. Herman Cain was an early supporter of the Tea Party movement, a fact that should scare the rest of the GOP candidates. His debate performances have been excellent, since Cain is very good at communicating a crisp, coherent message. No doubt honed from his many years of making presentations in the business world and his more recent career in talk radio.

Will the new Zogby Poll putting Herman Cain as the front runner of the 2012 Republican presidential race be repeated by other polls in the coming weeks? We shall see. Since winning the Florida Straw Poll on Saturday, Cain is starting to get more respect and face time by the general Media. His claim last night on Fox News that he, Herman Cain, could win a third of the African-American vote should worry Barack Obama. Support among black voters has declined from 92% to 58% for Obama in some polls. Obama′s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus raised eyebrows this weekend, and criticism from members, including Maxine Waters. Obama′s visuals of blacks lounging about in bedroom slippers and whining did not go over very well. Can Herman Cain take his new found popularity and turn the election on its heels? Stay tuned, folks!