My good friend Katy Benningfield has yet another report of the Guilford County, North Carolina GOP headquarters being vandalized and it occurs to me that if this had been a Democrat campaign office the Old Media would have reported this from coast to coast as evidence of those vile, evil, dangerous, violent Tea Partiers. But since it was just a Republican office being defaced the media just yawned .

Benningfield reports that the GOP HQ had the letters “KKK” spray painted on the brick siding and various windows of the building. The county sheriff’s office has been contacted and an investigation is underway.

Former Guilford County Republican Chairman, Marcus Kindley said that the attack looked like a “hit and run.” He went on to say, “They had to get in and get out quickly without being seen.”

Benningfield notes that a sign outside the building suffered the same defacement not long ago. She notes that the office was defaced back in 2004, as well.

Of course, there is some irony in the fact that these hatemongering Democrat vandals painted “KKK” on the GOP HQ. After all, it was their own party that defended slavery, that sponsored Jim Crow laws, and that filled the ranks of the same Klan that hanged innocent black men from trees throughout the Democrat South. (Not to mention that it was the Democrats that imprisoned thousands of innocent Japanese Americans and German and Italian American during WWII) And let us not forget that it was the Democrat Party that tried to tear the country asunder resulting in civil war!

Violence, property destruction, murder, oppression, all these evils have a prominent place in the history of the Democrat Party.

Then again, maybe this history of violence and hate from Democrats is just so common, so boring that another instance of it just isn’t exciting enough for the news folks to notice? I mean, the Old Media doesn’t report every time the sun rises, after all.