While attending a John Kerry speech at the University of Florida, Andrew Meyer is Tasered and arrested. See the video of the Taser incident.

John Kerry Speech -
Andrew Meyer gets Tasered (Video)

The kid is obviously short of all screws in the video, and he did mildly interrupt the speech. But does the punishment fit the crime? Clearly no. For me, this was a big overreaction by law enforcement. For a liberal like John Kerry, this was all part of the flow.

What gets me is that John Kerry proceeded to answer simpleton Andrew Meyer’s question from the stage while the poor kid is screaming in agony with half a dozen police officers on top of him. The kid is screaming for help while getting electrocuted by a Taser and John Kerry acted as if nothing important happened.

And that is because liberals like John Kerry see this incident as the proper way to control thought. Nothing happened that should not happen in an Orwellian nanny state concerned with correct thinking. Of course the police officers used excessive force in John Kerry’s presence!

Speech, you see, shall only be considered free when the speech agrees with the liberal power elite. Speak annoying words to John Kerry and that speech comes at quite a cost as this video demonstrates.

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