We have had many embarrassing moments caught on tape by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. One could easily say that the Obama administration has been the most prolific gaffe-filled presidency in our nation′s history. Whether it is making fun of the Special Olympics as Obama did appearing on Jay Leno′s show, or Biden forgetting the name of a Supreme Court Justice, these two bumblers were made for each other. This past week, we once again are treated to another Obama gaffe caught on tape. Just as Obama does not know the difference between a corpse and a Navy corpsman, neither does he know the difference between an intercontinental and a transcontinental railroad.

embarrassing moments caught on tape

Mister Harvard Professor was appearing in Ohio in front of a bridge that connected Kentucky with Ohio, which Obama used as a backdrop to push his Stimulus Junior Plan. Since $800 Billion is the 2009 Stimulus package did not stop unemployment rates from exceeding 8%, Obama thinks another $447 Billion will. Plus, the location allowed him to attack both Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

So Obama began making his usual boring drone noises about infrastructure and shovel ready jobs. He points out that the federal government has before involved itself in major infrastructure projects, like the intercontinental railroad. I guess he was talking about that New York to Paris, France line under the Atlantic Ocean? No, once again Obama goofed, misspeaking, perhaps from being absent that day from Harvard when the transcontinental railroad was discussed in class. Of course, even if he had gotten the correct word out of his big mouth, he would still be wrong. Of the four railroad companies that participated in the construction of the transcontinental railroad, all three that took federal money and grants eventually failed and went bankrupt. Only the one company that refrained and stayed true to the principles of private enterprise succeeded.

Such was another embarrassing moment caught on tape from Barack Obama. We can add the intercontinental railroad gaffe to the long list of his previous ones, such as 57 states, Navy corpse-man, and Abe Lincoln being the founder of the Republican Party. Such gaffes caught on tape make for wonderful You-Tube videos when spliced together. They show America just the sort of fool we have sitting in the White House. Yet, the Media likes to remind you often of how stupid George W. Bush was, or how Rick Perry is a clod. But we are all suppose to bow and scrape before Obama because of the crease of his trousers? NOT!