After Barack Obama played a round of golf with Bill Clinton yesterday, the Fundraiser In Chief headed out to the West Coast for a 3-day, 3-state tour to hold seven fund raisers for the DNC and himself. These include some pricy affairs with former Microsoft execs at $35,000 a plate, as well as the usual Hollywood and San Francisco wing-dings for dummies with too much money. Obama is expected to raise some $8 million dollars during this fund raising tour. But since he will also give the occasional speech about his defunct jobs bill, the taxpayers will foot the expenses for this trip, costing us well more than $8 million dollars.

obama fund raising

Since officially declaring his reelection campaign, Barack Obama has held some twenty times more fund raisers than George W. Bush during the same period. Obama is attempting to raise a total of $1 Billion dollars for the 2012 election cycle. So far, he has fallen well short of the mark. During the second quarter, he barely raised some $56 Million dollars. An impressive amount, but nowhere near the pace needed to accumulate a billion dollars. Part of the problem has been the declining support from Jewish backers, whom all but dissed Obama two months ago in Florida. His fund raiser parties barely had 50% attendance and a large number of did not give much money.

Wall Street is another feeding hole for Obama that has yet to pay off. His recent visit to New York City to attend the United Nations was accented with three fund raising parties, all with pricy tickets of $35,000 or more. Once again, due to his brief visit to the U.N., the taxpayer picked up the tab for Obama′s travel and security costs.

This utter nonsense must be stopped once and for all. Any president, once he declares his reelection, should be forced to pay his own way on these excursions. Barack Obama is abusing the power of his office far worse than any other president in history in regards to these fund raising trips. Bad enough we taxpayers must foot the bill for his wife to take her friends on vacation. Just where did she get that new $42,000 bracelet she′s sporting these days? Maybe if his own campaign and the DNC had to foot the tab, Obama might spend more time at the White House doing his job instead of playing emperor.