Herman Cain wins the Florida Straw Poll by a wide margin, an upset win over Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. So far, the Herman Cain for president 2012 campaign has been one of hits and misses. Early on he polled near or above 10% in Iowa and nationwide. His debate performances have been generally good. The Herman Cain 999 Plan of tax reform is simple and well received by many. Cain has Tea Party appeal and a resume so in depth that it often seems like he is playing down his vast and varied experience. So why is Herman Cain not getting the respect, nor face-time as the so-called Tier-One candidates are, like Perry, Romney, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann or even Newt Gingrich?

herman cain upset rick perry
Herman Cain wins the Florida Straw Poll by a wide margin. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENN.com.

Of the 2,657 Republican delegates that voted in the Florida Straw Poll yesterday, Herman Cain won 37%. Perry and Romney finished well behind with 15.4% and 14% respectively. Unlike the Iowa Straw Poll, where candidates pay to get on the ballot and those voting pay to cast a ballot, the Florida Straw Poll is restricted to actual GOP activists and officials. For some of the candidates, this meant winning support based on merit. Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann essentially bailed out and took a pass. Rick Perry also did not spend much time or effort in Florida, speaking only at a prayer breakfast Saturday morning. Both Romney and Perry attended a GOP gathering in Michigan, where Romney won a straw poll 51% to Perry′s 17%. The Romney family has strong ties to Michigan, which elected another RINO, Rick Synder as governor in 2010. The Michigan Straw Poll had only 681 ballots cast by GOP donors and paying activists.

As for the rest of the GOP candidates in the Florida Straw Poll, Rick Santorum finished 4th with 10.9%, Ron Paul with 10.4%, Newt Gingrich with 8.4%, Jon Huntsman finished 7th with only 2.3% and Michele Bachmann finished last with just 1.5%. The Bachmann campaign issued a statement late Saturday attempting to justify the Iowa Straw Poll supremacy over Florida′s, saying that in Iowa, any citizen of the state with a valid ID could participate. Since the Iowa Straw Poll, the Bachmann campaign has been in a tailspin.

So what will the Herman Cain upset wins over Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in the Florida Straw Poll mean? Will the Herman Cain for President 2012 campaign now get a much needed boost? Are more people ready to embrace the Herman Cain 999 Plan on Tax Reform? Could this be the wedge issue that distinguished him from the rest of the pack? Mitt Romney claims to have a 59-point plan for economic recovery. Lets get real, the average American is not going to wade through all 59 points. Not only is it too complicated for most to understand, it is too complicated to actually execute in the real world. But Cain′s idea for replacing all of our current federal taxes with a flat 9% corporate, income and national sales tax with no deductions is easy and has wide appeal, especially with the Tea Party. We shall see if over the next two weeks if Herman Cain gets a genuine bump from his decisive victory in the Florida Straw Polls.