is reporting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reconsidering his options and may join the 2012 Republican Presidential race. For weeks, if not months, many within the GOP have been begging Christie to enter the 2012 campaign to replace Barack Obama in the White House. According to Newsmax, in the past week, several Republican billionaires have urged him to run. Christie allegedly has promised to make a decision within the next two weeks. A deadline of October 15 looms for federal tax filings by candidates. Some early primary states also begin their deadlines beginning on October 1.

chris christie 2012 president

Much of this panic is based on the latest debate performances of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Hopes that he would shine and clean Mitt Romney′s clock have not evaporated for many. Romney is viewed by many Republicans as being Obama-Lite, a term Perry himself used this week in a speech. The similarities between the mandated health care insurance in Massachusetts with Obama-Care is too much for Conservatives. Others are also concerned about Romney′s history of flip-flops on key issues such as gun control and abortion.

Gov. Chris Christie is seen by many in the GOP as the best hope for defeating Barack Obama in 2012. Christie′s honest, blunt approach to tackling serious issues of fiscal responsibility and budget reductions has earned him a reputation as a champion. He has taken on the unions and special interest groups. There seems little doubt that he could go toe-to-toe with Obama in a debate. Until Christie makes his decision, or the calendar runs out for late entries, there are many major donors holding back support from any of the other current candidates. A draft Christie movement has been active since early summer. If is correct, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may be making his final decision on a 2012 presidential campaign bid sometime in the next few days.