Here are two campaign ads (videos) by Rudi Giuliani claiming that he is the worst nightmare for liberals.

In the first commercial, he takes on and their grossly misguided “General Betray Us” ad that ran in the New York Times. The second ad is an attack on Hillary for flip-flopping on the Iraq war and deserting our troops.

Rudi Giuliani Ad (Video)
The Liberals’ Worst “Nightmare”

Read more about this ad. The message is intended for that portion of the Republican base that distrusts Rudi Giuliani. He is attacking in an attempt to show he is one of the gang. After all, the enemy of your enemy must be your friend.

I do not think the ad is particularly effective. For sure he should lose the narrator next time. I had to listen twice just to focus on what he was saying.

The second ad, which chronologically appeared a day earlier, is a lot better. It is effective at showcasing Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy as she uses empty rhetoric to achieve political ends rather than the nation’s interest. Again he takes on and the “General Betray Us” ad. Although this commericial is clearly aimed at the base, this is the type of advertisement that would have broad appeal in the general election.

Rudi Giuliani Attacks Hillary Clinton
For Turning Her Back on the Troops

Both of these ads appear to be unedited commercials. They are too long for television spots so we will wait to see what the final versions look like.

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