If asked who won the GOP debate Thursday night, sponsored by Fox News and Google, most pundits and Media personalities will say Mitt Romney. Romney did deliver his usual, well rehearsed, well polished answers and talking points. But he is still a RINO and still as phony as a three-dollar bill. Mitt is still sticking to his latest talking point about not being a professional politician. This after the guy has been running for president for the last five years. As for him being a job-creating businessman, again Romney falls short. His firm was more oriented in slicing and dicing companies, being expert at downsizing. Maybe President Romney is best suited for the final selling off of America to the Chinese. Beyond that, he knows as much about job creation as a pig knows about Sundays. Romney′s worst moment of the night was still denying that Obama is a Socialist.

mitt romney RINO

Rick Perry again proved to be the most genuine, non-scripted contender. Sure, he stumbled a bit on some questions. But the one where he told us the most was the last question of the night, who among the other candidates on stage would you want to be your vice president. Perry gave the most interesting and telling answer, he would want a hybrid of Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. Imagine the professorial brainaic combined with practical common sense and true job-creating business experience. Plus Cain is a great communicator, too!

So while most would answer Mitt Romney to the question of who won the GOP debate last night, I would say Romney may have performed best, but he won very little. Mitt is a RINO, a Republican in name only. He always has been and always will be. I suppose the GOP Establishment, or I should say the Northeastern Progressive Establishment, will put their power and cash behind Romney, making him the ′its-his-turn-now′ candidate, much like John McCain in 2008 or Bob Dole in 1996. Quite frankly, if I had a choice between voting for Romney or Obama, I would be tempted to vote for Obama. Either way, both of them would finish us off, driving the nation off the economic cliff in much the same way. You know darn well that if any Republican gets elected, the Media will assign him, or her, ownership of the economy within ten seconds of taking the oath. Letting Obama have the honors of the final destruction of the U.S. dollar and economy would at least give him full ownership and probably work best to ensure that Progressive ideology is dead as a doorknob for the next 25 years.