Rep. Darrell Issa (R, Calif.) recently told Greta Van Susteren that he and Senator Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa) are getting “zero percent” cooperation from Obama’s Department of Justice in their investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, Obama’s disastrously failed program that ended up arming Mexican narco-terrorists.

Said Issa, “This has continued to be frustrating that, as the Mexican government tells us publicly, they’re being kept in the dark, we can’t give them information from the Department of Justice. We can only give them information we’re getting from whistleblowers — and we’re getting a lot.”

He went on:

Well, Greta, as you know, we’re the Oversight and Reform Committee. We don’t get reform until you get an admission that this kind of thing shouldn’t have happened, and then you start looking at how it won’t happen again. We’re not looking to go as high as we can for the sake of going high. We want to know where the safeguards have been put in place so this can never be approved at any level, but certainly not in the hierarchy of the Justice Department.

Meanwhile the Old Media ignores this story, avoiding it like the plague. Even Fox News, when it does bother to mention the story, allows itself to get bamboozled by Obama’s DOJ.

Fox’s Mike Levine reports that the government just made a mistake on the ID of the third gun found at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, who was killed by Obama gunwalker guns. The third gun was covered up by the FBI but Levine repeats FBI claims that it was all just an accident to scoot bye unquestioned.

In those newly disclosed recordings, the ATF noted that “all [she] can go by is what” the FBI told her. Pelletier, now with Mintz Levin in Washington, said he believes he knows the origin of the three-gun “misperception.” He said the FBI originally identified one of the two guns recovered as an SKS, made in China.

To believe that the FBI could not tell the difference between an SKS rifle and an AK47 is to believe that a Ford car dealer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Mustang and a Volkswagon!

Levine should have pressed the FBI on this line of nonsense. But, it is likely that Levine himself is so firearms ignorant that he didn’t realize how absurd the FBI’s claim was.

More as news develops.
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