Apparently, crime does pay. New York Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel has been censured by the House of Representatives for corruption but that won’t stop him from getting a wonderful new portrait unveiled in the capitol of the United States of America.

This week Rangel is being allowed the honor of having an official portrait of himself hung in the Longworth House Office Building. It’s a portrait he paid for himself… out of his campaign funds.

Back in 2007 Rangel asked the Federal Election Commission if he could use campaign cash to have the portrait painted. The FEC gave him permission to do so, but only if neither he nor his family made money off the deal.

It is amusing that they FEC had to stipulate that Rangel and his family was prohibited from making money off the portrait, isn’t it?

After having been censured by his House colleagues in a 333 to 79 vote, Rangel is now immortalizing himself in Longworth. Worse, this crook is being graced by the presence of House Speaker John Boehner for this “ceremony.”

Boehner should skip this obscene situation.