As markets tank after yesterday′s Operation Twist announcement by the Federal Reserve, an additional factor may be yesterday′s defeat in the House for a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government past September 30. Once again, we are facing a government shutdown. Barack Obama and the Democrats are dragging their feet on the matter of passing a budget for fiscal year 2012, which begins October 1. All but 6 Democrats voted Nay, along with 46 Republicans. Forget about the Senate, where Harry Reid and the Democrats haven′t come up with a budget bill for over 900 days. Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues to push his politically charged stimulus and class warfare tax bills instead of focusing on the budget.

Can we just say from here out that wherever and whatever Obama does from now on is part of his reelection campaign? Why should we taxpayers have to foot the bill for his travels? Sure, he went to New York City yesterday to speak at the United Nations, in between fundraising events. Today he is going to the Ohio-Kentucky border to push his ′Son of Stimulus′ bill, speaking at a bridge that does not even need repairing! His so-called jobs bill calls for infrastructure projects to hire construction workers immediately. But the Brent Spence Bridge is in good shape and while there are plans to build a second bridge to handle increased traffic, that project will not start for at least four years! Once again, Obama and his shovel-ready jobs are not so shovel ready.

Perhaps if Barack Obama had to pay for these stupid speaking events like today′s out of his campaign war chest, maybe he would stay at the White House and do some frigging work! Then we would not be facing a government shutdown in eight days. But, of course, Obama and the Democrats want the threat of a government shutdown, thinking that they can blame the Republicans for it and score points with voters next year. So much for putting the nation′s best interests above politics. Obama and the Democrats are shameless in exploiting the ills of our times, turning everything into a crises. No wonder that four more years of Obama and a Democrat-controlled Senate would be a crisis in itself, paralyzing any hope for an economic recovery. Maybe the Federal Reserve should rename their Operation Twist to Operation Twist-in-the-Wind, which is where we will be if Obama and harry Reid still have power next year.