Rick Santorum and Google are in the news, and it is one of those stories that questions responsible business versus putting one′s foot in one′s own mouth. It appears that Santorum, who thinks he is running for president, is upset with Google because when one uses the search engine giant to search his name, one gets many adult and sexually oriented websites. This is in part thanks to gay rights advocate, Dan Savage. Back in 2003, Rick Santorum, the Neo-Con gadfly who lost his U.S. Senate seat, publicly compared homosexuality with more deviant sexual practices, such as bestiality and pedophilia. This prompted Dan Savage to crusade for ridiculing Santorum by having supporters set up websites to smear him. Naturally, Santorum thinks that if such had occurred with a Democrat politician, such as Joe Biden, Google would have acted on their own to delete such websites from searches of his name.

Of course, had Santorum not made such a silly comparison in the first place, then he would not have been subjected to this form of cyber-attack. But the pending question here is whether or not his complaint with Google is a valid one? Should they be acting more responsibly in policing their own search results? Oddly enough, Google CEO, Eric Schmidit testified before Congress today concerning antitrust issues as Google dominates the search engine business.

So what is the outcome between Rick Santorum and Google? Google has no plans to filter Santorum′s name on their search engine. Gay rights advocate Dan Savage has promoted websites and pages set up, using Santorum′s name to be defined as a mixture of sexual lubricant and fecal matter associated with anal sex. The former senator currently running for president wants those sites and pages filtered out when people search his name. He believes that this is a politically driven, complaining that if a Democrat, like Joe Biden, were likewise treated, Google would exercise responsible business practices and clean up such searches.