This story, by Major Garrett (that HAS to be a pseudonym – it is such a great name!) has put some dollars signs behind what we already know: The influence of the far left is staggering:

MoveOn Gravy Train Makes and Breaks Political Fortunes
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
By Major Garrett

In the last two election cycles, Political Action Committee spent more than $58 million in pro-Democrat political advocacy, according to Federal Election Commission records.

In just the 2006 election cycle, spent $27 million in advocacy to elect a Democratic majority in Congress and used its formidable fund-raising clout to propel numerous Democratic challengers to House and Senate victories. By comparison, the NRA PAC donated $11 million in 2006.


A Funnel of Funding

The 2006 election cycle thrust MoveOn into the ranks of potent pro-Democrat organizations. Never before had the group’s ability to identify candidates and collect small donations on their behalf yield bigger results.

“MoveOn has grown into one of the biggest political action committees in the country,” Ritsch said. “MoveOn collects money and says to its members ‘We’re going to pass that money along.’ They’re a conduit. They are aggregating and assembling all the money and pooling their resources so it adds up to big influence.”

MoveOn backs candidates and asks members to send contributions on their behalf. They pass the donations on directly and handle all the paperwork.

“They’re speaking for the grassroots,” Ritsch said. “This is a form of bundling.”

A quick tally of MoveOn-directed contributions in the 2006 election cycle, according to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, offers a sample of the impressive size of its donations:

— Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia = $834,211

— Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri = $382,531

— Sen. Jon Tester, Montana = $301,788

— Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ohio = $287,622

— Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvania = $160,780

Those contributions helped build a Senate Democratic majority as four of the five entered the Senate for the first time. McCaskill and Tester won razor-thin victories over well-funded GOP incumbents Jim Talent and Conrad Burns.

MoveOn-directed contributions also propelled several Democratic challengers to House victories, among them: Nick Lampson, Texas’ 22nd District, $156,883; Tim Mahoney, Florida’s 16th District, $145,334; Zack Space, Ohio’s 18th District, $141,298; Michael Arcuri, New York’s 24th District, $129,685; Joe Donnelly, Indiana’s 2nd District, $123,035, and Tim Walz, Minnesota’s 1st District, $102,657.

MoveOn directs no contributions to Republican candidates or incumbents, instead avidly spending money against the GOP. It spent more than $2.5 million in 2006 in independent expenditures against Republicans.

House GOP incumbents who lost in 2006 and saw significant MoveOn independent expenditures against them can testify. Among those hardest hit: Charlie Bass, New Hampshire’s 2nd District, $143,266; Chris Chocola, Indiana’s 2nd District, $245,603; Melissa Hart, Pennsylvania’s 4th District, $297,603; and Nancy Johnson, Connecticut’s 5th District, $444,424.

Two House Republicans survived the MoveOn independent expenditure onslaught in ’06, Rep. Deborah Pryce, who represents Ohio’s 15th District, absorbed $417,623 in MoveOn wrath but won a narrow victory nevertheless. Pryce recently announced she will not seek re-election to a ninth term. Rep. Thelma Drake of Virginia’s 2nd District won a second term with 51 percent of the vote after withstanding $529,535 in MoveOn independent expenditure torment, giving her the distinction among House Repubicans of taking the most expensive independent expenditure punch MoveOn threw in the 2006 campaign and living to tell the tale.

MoveOn also punishes Democrats who stray from their liberal, anti-war world view. MoveOn ran a radio ad against Michigan Democratic Rep. John Dingell when he announced his opposition to higher fuel economy standards for automobiles and light trucks.

Full story here.

Although my computer was smoking and cursing at me, I did log onto the webpage and here is one of the many idiot things that are on their site:

Robert Greenwald’s new video exposes how Rupert Murdoch’s FOX is beating the drums of war with Iran like it did before the Iraq war–using the same images and Bush talking points. Sign the open letter urging other TV stations to ask tough questions and not follow FOX’s lead on Iran.

I wonder if Move-On.Org is trying to get Fox News thrown out of office (off the air) too?