Things got ugly last night on the Fox News Channel when host Greta Van Susteren attacked Tucker Carlson for publishing Mike Tyson comments about the Sarah Palin – Glen Rice story at Carlson′s website, The Daily Caller. At one point, Van Susteren called Carlson a ″pig″ and took him to task for promoting violence towards women. She accused him of pushing ″smut″ and lying. Carlson defended himself, stating that neither The Daily Caller nor he were endorsing Tyson′s remarks, just reporting them. He went on to take Greta to task when she interviewed Tyson herself some six months ago, asking not one single question about the rape charges and attacks on women he was accused of. Carlson went on to accuse Van Susteren of tossing softball questions to Mike Tyson, like ″How long have you been a vegan?″

The original story on The Daily Caller was a piece by Jeff Poor, who did a write up about an appearance by Mike Tyson on a radio station affiliated with ESPN. Tyson did in fact say some rather horrible things about Sarah Palin in regards to the allegations that she had had an affair with NBA star Glen Rice. Poor quoted some of what Tyson had said, as one would quote anybody on any significant story.

Naturally, Greta Van Susteren, who is friends with Sarah Palin, a Fox News contributor and frequent guest on Greta′s show, will defend Palin. Greta′s husband has been a board member to SarahPAC, Palin′s political action committee. So it is no wonder than Van Susteren′s feathers were ruffled, though in this case, she is angry at the wrong person.

This comes down to the age-old issues of ′journalism′, what stories should be published and how should they be presented. You will notice that while I have alluded to the allegations, as well as to Tyson′s comments about the alleged affair between Palin and Rice, I have not repeated them. In the telling of this story, the dust-up between Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson, it is not necessary for me to repeat them. Of course, I am not a ′journalist′, just a writer of commentary.

That Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren took the time to attack Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller is puzzling to me. Carlson is not exactly a Conservative, leaning more Libertarian than most. I see no reason why Tucker Carlson should be held accountable for publishing on his website remarks made by Mike Tyson about the alleged one-night-stand between Sarah Palin and Glen Rice. The source of the allegation is the new book by Joe McGinniss, which itself has been panned by nearly every Media outlet, even by the New York Times. For Greta Van Susteren to call Tucker Carlson a ″pig″ over this was uncalled for. Watch the video below yourself and decide.